Seventh Generation

10. Hugh7 Fraser, 7th Lord of Lovat (Simon Fraser 6,6th Lord of Lovat, Hugh 5, Alexander 4, Hugh 3, Thomas 2, Hugh 1) was born in Scotland September 1591. Hugh died 1664 in Scotland, at 72 years of age.

Hugh married Isobel Wemyss in Scotland, 1614. Isobel was born 1598. Isobel died 1636 at 38 years of age.

Hugh Fraser, 7th Lord of Lovat and Isobel Wemyss had the following children:

    11 i. Simon8 Fraser, Master of Lovat was born in Scotland 1621.

    + 12 ii. Hugh Fraser Master of Lovat was born 1624.

    13 iii. Alexander Fraser was born in Scotland 1626. Alexander died June 27, 1671 in Scotland, at 44 years of age. Alexander married Sybilla MacKenzie in Scotland. Sybilla was born in Scotland.

    + 14 iv. Thomas Fraser of Beaufort, 10th Lord Lovat was born 1611.