The history of the Krepela family from Cerniny, Czechoslovakia at the time of this genealogy report can only be documented five generations on the paternal (Krepela) side. The maternal (Goodall & Olin) side of the family can be traced seventeen generations back to the Fraser Family of Scotland ca. 1440 and the Mahood family of Ireland ca. 1730.

The purpose of this genealogy is to document the family history for future generations, and to find other Krepelas, who may have a knowledge of the family. If you are a Krepela family member or have information on the Krepela family or the other ancestral family lines, please contact me.
Eugene Krepela
Omaha, Nebraska USA

Josef Krepela was born October 12, 1873 in Cerniny, Czechoslovakia.Maps of Cerniny He had one brother, Anton, who immigrated to Austria. On October 16, 1902, Josef married Marie Uher, who was born 1882 in Velka Ves, Karlin, Czechoslovakia. They immigrated to America in 1904.

Josef and Marie departed Bremen, Germany sometime in late 1903 or early 1904 and arrived at the Port of New York in 1904 aboard the Steamship "S. S. Rhein". They resided in New York City and had one child, Carl Charles Krepela, born 1905 in New York. Carl met Ruth Clarissa Olin, who was born November 29, 1911 in Nebraska and they married prior to 1945. Carl and Ruth had two sons, Eugene and Neil born in Omaha, Nebraska.

In the Krepela family data base there are currently 1,261 descendants and spouses, 273 surnames, and 381 marriages.

In documenting this family history I have started with the Frazer Clan in Scotland ca. 1440. The "Krepela Family Genealogy" will display a timeline doumentation of all the ancestral lines, where they enter the timeline and desend to the last generation.

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